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Stereo Head Units



Multimedia Sation & 6.2-inch Touch Panel Control -

Count on a growing variety of Smart Access compliant apps from third party content providers, as well as Clarion's original apps, to make your next drive more convenient, informative and entertaining.  Apps are optimized for the in-car environment to maximize usability to keep you focus on driving.  New apps are always on the way, so you can customize your driving experience long after your purchase.


DVD Multimedia Station with Built-in Navigation & 7-inch High Resolution Touch Panel Control -

Built-iGo Primo car navigation knows where you are and helps you get where you're going with 12 milllion Points of Interest to choose from.  Plus,Total Traffic Network real time traffic data service keeps you updated on local traffic conditions.  Built-in HD Radio tuner lets you listen to your favorite FM and AM stations in digital high quality.


DVD Multimedia Station with 6.2-inch High Resolution Touch Control Panel 

DVD Video, Dolby Digital, HD Ready, Made for IPod & IPhone, Bluetooth, Sirius Ready     


Bluetooth/CD/USB/MP3/WMA Receiver


Bluetooth/CD/USB/MP3/WMA Receiver            


CD/MP3/WMA Receiver