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  • MCLASS - Deepest bass from our best subwoofer.  The MClass subwoofer generates accurate, deep bass, while remaining flexible enough to work in a variety of enclosures.

  • SCLASS - These shallow-mount subwoofers are capable of being installed just about anywhere.  Full-size sound in a small space.

  • PR SUBWOOFERS - Heavy sound.  Booming bass.  Experience power and features not found on other subs in this price range.

  • STREET EDGE - Give your bass a great "edge" at a great price.  For the value-conscious music lover who requires quality sound.

  • MARINE - Bass as deep as the Big Blue.  The Memphis Marine subwoofers generate, rich, accurate bass, while remaining flexible enough to work in a variety of enclosures.

  • Type-X - If you are looking for a high quality subwoofer with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle sub performance, then look no further.

  • Type-R - These redesigned subs include several enhanced features to acheive even cleaner, deeper bass extension, faster, more accurate transients and even greater output capacity than ever before.

  • Type-S - The new Alpine Type-S subs feature a shallow mounting depth design, so you can get tight, accurate bass in small spaces.

  • Type-E - Want to boost your bass without breaking the bank?  The Type-E subs are the solution - high performing bass at an affordable price.

  • W7 - The ultimate no-compromise subwoofer for those seeking extreme output and sublime sound quality.

  • DW5 - the thinnest subwoofer driver in its size class delivers real JL Audio performance in difficult spaces.

  • W6v2 - Unparalleled subwoofer fidelity and excellent output in very compact sealed enclosures.

  • W3v3 - Loaded. Excellent performance in small enclosures at medium power levels.

  • W1v2 - Ideal for moderate power, small enclosure applications.  Shallow mounting depths with no pole-vent permit use in tight spaces.

  • W0v2 - You simply won't find a better performing woofer in its price class.  Ideal for moderate power applications.